Foundation NOVA ARTE

   KRS : 0000423611

   REGON : 221679779    NIP : 584-27-27-805

   adress: ul. Góralska 18B/8   80-292 Gdańsk

   phone +48 600 664 542   e-mail :

   Bank Account (IBAN) : Credit-Agricole PL 41 1940 1076 3155 7232 0000 0000


Foundation NOVA ARTE was established 30 April 2012 by Andrzej Zmeczerowski , based in Gdansk .

The Foundation Board :

President - Sebastian Wilczewski

Vice President - Sylwia Holeksa-Wilkowska

Vice President - Paweł Nodzak

Committee of the Foundation : Agata Sierańska , Łukasz Górczyński , Andrzej Zmeczerowski

The objectives of the Foundation Arte Nova:

1. Popularization of music, including choral music, particularly contemporary music

2. Promoting the work of young Polish composers by performing their works,

3. Promoting contemporary music performers,

4. Stimulate the integration of the local population, development and popularization of musical culture in the society,

5. Promotion among the local community, including among children and young people, knowledge about music, especially on contemporary music, arousing passion for music.

6. Stimulate European integration and to develop contacts and cooperation between societies, through the promotion of Polish achievements in the field of music and culture,

7. Promotion of Tri-cities(Gdańsk,Sopot,Gdynia), and Polish Pomerania region in Europe and worldwide